Battlefield 3 – Coming soon to a <|BdD|> Server near you!


We’re very pleased to announce that <|BdD|> will be supporting BF3 as soon as it’s released, and we have a brand spanking new 64 player server waiting in the wings, ready to be switched on on release day!

We are also planning on giving things here at <|BdD|> a bit of a revamp, with an aim to making us the only place that players will want to come to when they’re considering joining a BF3 clan.
There are a few preliminary details over on the Battlefield 3 webpage ( ), but this is just a taster of what’s in-store for the future of this clan.
Of course, some of this is dependent on the final features of the release version of the game, and with that in mind it may take a little while to finalise everything. But rest assured, over the next few months <|BdD|> plan to be at the forefront of the BF3 scene!

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