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Battlefield V | Devastation of Rotterdam Trailer  

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Another week, another BF5 tease from Dice/EA. This time it's some multiplayer footage that takes place in and around the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

It has got to be said that the game looks stunning. The sheer amount of detail on show is astounding. The trailer has, of course, been intentionally crafted to show the game off, but it does a really good job of conveying the chaos and, dare I say it, excitement of the battlefield. I just hope that this all translates into the actual game-play.


One thing that does appear to have everyone excited is that the trailer contains a sneak peak of BF5's game-mode de jour: Battle Royale. BF5's take on the mode certainly does seem interesting, especially considering that the arena's boundary is a wall of fire that destroys everything in it's path as it constricts.




Anyways, I'm not going to bore everyone with a meticulous breakdown of the trailer, there are plenty of other websites out there that have, if that's your bag.
Just enjoy the trailer, below.







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Posted : 19/08/2018 8:59 am

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