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Dice/EA have released some very brief details on BF5's single player mode. Most of it is what we already knew, but they have at least confirmed that the single player side of things will follow the same War Stories format as BF1.

Like the previous game, BF5's War Stories will take you to different locations and play as different characters (both men and women), seeing the war from their perspective. The stories are relatable (some would say cheesy), focusing on the characters own war-time struggles. EA/Dice have made the decision to focus on the lesser told stories of WW2, which is probably no bad thing. While I would love to see and play through the Normandy landings in a modern game with modern graphics, lets face it, it has been done to death. While one of the War Stories will take place in France, we'll also be following less well trodden paths in Norway and North Africa.

I liked the War Stories in BF1. Rather than the gung-ho super soldiers one normally plays in FPS's, the people portrayed in them were more 'ordinary'. People just doing their best to get through and survive their own particular fight. It sounds like BF5's War Stories will be much of the same.

Here's a ridiculously short single player teaser trailer:


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