New Max Payne 3 screens show hair and coats


Rockstar are pushing the Max Payne hype machine into the next gear, firing out some new screen shots to wow us all. These new images really do tell a new story for the third game in the series, giving the impression that it will follow Max from his days as a NYC detective to a change of career and fashion style philosophy in São Paulo. Through the shots we can see Max sporting his beloved leather coat and his full head of hair, progressing onto a more John McClane look, before finally taking up that now-infamous Hoodies Personalised UK. Look after the jump for the full Max Payne 3 catwalk.

Rockstar are certainly showing off some great looking screens, but we won’t be convinced that Max is truly back until we see him slo-mo diving sidewards, firing dual pistols, Hard Boiled-style.

    [PC World]

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