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by | May 1, 2018 | Clan News, Website News | 0 comments

I just wanted to write a quick post about a couple of website updates. How interested you are with all this will depend on how much of a nerd you are.

While technically nothing to do with the website, the biggest new addition is a Teamspeak server. It’s only a small one (that’s what she said!), but I’ve added one in the hope we might get talking, catch up and, who knows, dive into a game. it’s there for everyone to use so help yourself. It’s locked down in terms of permissions, but if you are/were a clan member, let me know when you might be online and if I’m around I’ll jump on and change your privileges. I mention the TS server here because, as per the forum post, you can view the live status of the server via the Clan Info -> Teamspeak menu item. You can also connect directly to TS by clicking on the servers name – assuming you have TS3 installed of course.
A quick word of warning for non clan member / people we don’t know: as it’s only a small server you may be kicked to make room for members / friends of the clan.

Back end upgrades
I’ve been working pretty hard geeking out on various back end additions to the website, specifically caching and minification. What this effectively means is that the site should load more quickly and feel more responsive overall. That said, some of the mods have been a sod to get to work and play nicely with the other children. The forum has been particularly problematic, so if you notice any errors at all, or something doesn’t work the way you think it should, let me know.

One benefit of the new website is that it’s hosted on a Litespeed web server. While this wont mean much to most normal folks, it’s basically an alternative to the usual Apache web server, and is supposed to run considerably faster. Another bonus is that the caching mod the website uses directly links into it, using the web server directly, rather than being another ‘layer’ on top clogging up resources. This should give speed boosts.

One other thing I looked at was a few different CDN’s…but, after testing, it didn’t make enough real world difference to warrant enabling. Especially given our rather small global footprint.

Right, that’s if for the updates for now.  I hope you enjoy using the website, and remember all accounts from the previous site have been migrated over, but you may need to reset your password. If you encounter any issues or need any help, just let me know!



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